KolKol Fynbos Pods take an earthy, tranquil experience to a new level.

Approximately an hour, or 90km from Cape Town, KolKol's Fynbos Pods are close enough to the city to escape for a restorative getaway, and far enough to deliver peace, panorama and breathtaking beauty - a sublime slice of South Africa.

Neighbouring KolKol Mountain Lodge has long been renowned in the Western Cape as a destination for those on the inside track of travel, booked in advance with loyal visitors returning year-on-year. So what could owners, Rudi and Karen Oosthuyse, add that would complement an already highly successful formula? The Fynbos Pods retain all the heart and soul of their famous 'parent', but with something a little extra, and a little different - modernity. Promising the same aspect, The Pods are unique, bold and brilliant in their architectural design on the outside, and warm, contemporary and typically cosy on the inside. A treat to behold.