Kolkol Wood-Fired Hot Tubs

Take a bit of KolKol Home

  • No electricity required
  • No installation
  • A bag of wood
  • 18 to 38 Degrees Celsius in 1.5 hours
  • Fully portable
  • A hot tub where ever you want it

Ever thought of purchasing a hot tub, but the initial and running costs always seem to hold you back? Now this may tickle your fancy - a first in South Africa; a hot tub with no installation and no electricity usage. This wood-fired hot tub is light, easy to handle, to move around and also only takes a 5th of the heating time of conventional hot tubs. A hot tub where ever you want it! This wood fired hot tub is made out of ultra light, but very sturdy material and filled with self expanding foam. It does not need an electrical outlet or installation. The water is heated via an aluminium wood-fired stove which fits neatly into a corner and is well shielded to prevent injuries.


Go on, take the Plunge

Chilling out after a stressful work week can be a tad harder then the self-help books make it out to be. This is where the [Wood-Fired Hot Tub] comes in. It's a portable, free-standing, wood-fired hot tub that accommodates four adults (make that six if you're very friendly). Constructed from polyethylene and available in a choice of seven colours, it comes with an easily removable aluminium wood-burning stove and an insulated stainless steel chimney.

Weighing in at 60kg, the tub can be moved easily by two people. Once you've positioned it in just the right spot, the stove takes about an hour to heat up the cold water to 38 degrees. A tap on the outside connects to a garden hose, allowing you to water your garden once all the fun is over.

Popular Mechanics, March 2009

Great Innovation

Imagine having a hot tub that is small enough to fit on a pick up truck as small as a corsa bakkie, light enough to be handled by one person, requires no installation or electricity and runs on wood...

The applications for this great invention are endless. Taking one camping will allow you to have a hot tub right outside your tent or caravan. Roughing it on Safari how does a hot tub sound to soothe off the dust over a drink at the end of the day? Rudi even mentioned quite a number of businesses and lodges who are now ordering the tubs as an add-on-service to their guests and a consequent income generator...

Namibian Lifestyle,Vol 2, 2008 Jan

Product & Price

Option 1

Complete tub with accessories: R17 915 incl. VAT

  • Includes polyethylene tub, aluminium wood-fired stove, stainless steel isolated chimney and blue thermal bubble cover.

Option 2

Aluminum wood-fired stove: R8 870 incl. VAT

  • Heating system to be installed in built-in splash pool. Includes brackets and isolated stainless steel chimney.

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