The Fynbos Pods

"In a world in which we are so connected by technology, smart devices and social media, there’s a deep human yearning (at least for most of us) to escape it all, to nestle back into nature, to inhale a panoramic view, or, even better, some peace and quiet. It’s only when we breathe it in, that we realise how much we missed it.

Part of that re-connection sparks when we experience something authentic or natural. We're not just talking about the half dome of stars at night which South Africa hosts so well, nor the spectrum blue sky that umbrellas above us, or even the undulating green lines and shadows of Babylonstoren's hills, valleys and mountains. We're talking about people, the locals and their lifestyle, and their individuality or courage.

South Africa has always marched to the beat of its own drum, and we think The Fynbos Pods symbolise this quality since we built our first log cabin 15 years ago at KolKol Mountain Lodge. Nine cabins later, and (fortunately) enjoying a calendar with very little availability, we embarked upon the next phase of our journey when the farm next door came up for sale. With an idea already in mind, we took a leap of faith and snapped it up. That was 2018. Within a year, the first Pod emerged from its cocoon, with two more to follow - KolKol's next wonderful, creative, crazy adventure has taken flight. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, basking in the sunlight of seeing these fun and interesting ideas spring to life." Karen and Rudi Oostehuyse


A magnificent feat of structural engineering, The Fynbos Pods, once again designed and built by Rudi, hover off the ground - a smooth rectangular cocoon, clad in wood and containing a seamless flow of interconnected kitchen, lounge, bedroom and bathroom, all gazing out idly at the landscape.

The private deck delivers a 180-degree panoramic of undulating hills upon hills, reaching to the mountains in the distance, layers of green stacking up against each other.

At one end, a stone braai (translate: barbecue for our foreign guests), an obvious essential for a true South African experience, and at the other, the outdoor lounge - replete with outdoor shower and wooden shutters that lets light and an extra dimension flood in.

Rudi's wood-fired hot tub is a single thread that unites relaxation and romance throughout the day - a wonderful way to wake up, and an unmatched spot to stargaze when night falls.


Inside, the Oosthuyse’s combine their talents. Rudi has crafted almost every item of furniture, while Karen turns up the volume on contemporary finishes and warm textiles. According to Luxury Travel Editor, the difference with The Fynbos Pods, is this:


"All too often travelers are sold experiences that are beautiful, but in some way, crafted and contrived. The authenticity and courage of this couple shines through, almost every element hail from their imagination and, I can imagine, some honest sweat and tears. This is an experience that touches nature throughout and allows it to do the talking, while adding depth through generous fireplaces and pizza ovens, a wood-fired hot tub, and an abundance of comfort. At night as the flickering flames and soft lighting warm all these materials, the pod becomes even richer, romantic and unique. It's a 'must-visit'."